Ba Kich wine is one of the typical beverages of the Northern land in Vietnam. Despite being one of the most well-known specialties of the Quang Ninh (Vietnam) area, this alcoholic product appears to be quite peculiar for foreigners who have never set foot in Quang Ninh, or people who have not acquired much knowledge about Vietnam’s tourism industry. The following article will give a brief explanation of the Ba Kich root plant, its traditional uses in Southeast Asia pharmacology, the winery production from the roots of the plant, and the drink’s health benefits.

ba kich root

What is Ba Kich?

Ba Kich (or scientifically known as Morinda officianalis) is a perennial herbal plant, and is a part of a species of climbing plants.

Its history with the Asian medicinal methodologies dates back to more than 2,000 years in China (and later in Vietnam). It is widely used to treat many diseases such as rheumatism, enuresis, and infertility. Originally, Ba Kich was a valuable medicinal plant in China and the country’s traditional medicine, and in the times of the China empire invading Vietnam, the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) slowly integrated into Vietnamese culture, including the plant Ba Kich.

purple ba kich

Nowadays, Ba Kich is grown naturally in the Northern midland regions and mountains, with the highest density in Quang Ninh. The best quality Ba Kich plants are grown in Ba Che forest, Quang Ninh. Ba Che forest has a temperate climate and the most suitable soil for the herb to thrive. The plant is grown over a three-year period and can be harvested after that. Ba Kich is a traditional herbal medicine which has been used by Vietnamese for many generations. They often hail it as the viagra of Vietnam due to its ability to restore and strengthen the male’s sexual performance when consumed.

purple ba kich

Types of “Ba Kich” roots

There are two types of the Ba Kich plant: white Ba Kich and purple Ba Kich

White Ba Kich: the outer shell is light yellow, the inside is white. When soaked in this type of Ba Kich with alcohol, it will not change colour. This type is fairly easy to scavenge with a cheap price, but its effect is not as potent as the purple variety.

Purple Ba Kich: the colour of the skin is usually darker than that of it white counterpart, and the flesh inside is purple-ish or purple. After a period of time soaking the purple Ba Kich in wine, the result can be seen with the wine colour changing to a deep purple. Of course, because the harvesting process is more laborious and the plant has a higher pharmacological value, this type will be much more expensive.

Ba Kich wine usage in Vietnamese traditional medicine

As the aforementioned, Ba Kich has an extensive history with Vietnam’s folk culture. In Medicinal Herbs and Plants in Vietnam by Prof. Do Tat Loi, he claims that “Ba Kich has a spicy sweet taste, temperate to the body, which helps to maintain health, increase male virility, reinforce bones and tendons, and reduce rheumatism.” People often use Ba Kich’s root to soak in wine to produce what is known as Ba Kich wine, and it is used to improve people’s physical strength and blood regulation. Depending on the type of white or purple Ba Kich, the wine will have different colours. Purple Ba Kich is also more widely used than white Ba Kich because of its much more powerful effect.

ba kich wine
ba kich wine

Why should you buy Yen Tu Ba Kich wine?

Yen Tu Ba Kich wine is a perfect combination of Vietnam traditional rice wine with a sweet and characteristic fragrance. Usually when mentioning alcohol, the general public will probably think of the negative side effects of consuming alcohol. But Yen Tu Ba Kich wine is a completely healthy alcoholic product that is beneficial to your physicality. With a soaking time of over 1 year, our company guarantees to create Ba Kich wine with delicious flavour and helpful in strengthening your health (especially to the male population).

The winemaking process adheres to the Vietnam traditional method and applies modern and innovative  European-standard machineries to produce a flavour that will leave your taste buds an unforgettable impression, while still being faithful to the traditional flavour. The equipment and manufacturing process strictly meet the food safety management system ISO 22000:2018. The system of alcohol distillation equipment ensures  to meet international technical standards, with aldehydes and harmful impurities filtered out by a modern machinery system and the soak time is over 1 year to create Ba Kich wine that is 100% safe and good for consumer’s health.

Yen Tu Ba Kich wine made from Ba Kich tuber from Ba Che forest, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. The wine has a light sweet taste and a characteristic aroma of Ba Kich. It is recognized as having a positive effect in strengthening muscles, decompressing mental strains, treating back pain, nourishing the brain, enhancing physical strength, prolonging men’s sexual performance.

Yen Tu Ba Kich wine does not induce migraines, nor causes fatigue. You will not feel thirsty after drinking, and drunkenness is effectively reduced with minimal to no hangover. You will be fully conscious and relaxed the next day.

Yen Tu Ba Kich wine does not induce migraines, nor causes fatigue. You will not feel thirsty after drinking, and drunkenness is effectively reduced with minimal to no hangover. You will be fully conscious and relaxed the next day.

Vietnamese ba kich wine

Yen Tu Ba Kich wine is a high quality traditional wine and has been trusted by our loyal customers for more than 10 years. Yen Tu Ba Kich wine is the first traditional wine to meet the food safety management system ISO 22000:2018 quality standard. Yen Tu Ba Kich wine is the first specialty wine to meet 5-star OCOP national certification and introduced by the Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee.

Where to buy Yen Tu Ba Kich wine?

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